Cabinet Repainting Tips

Repainting kitchen cabinets is a great way to update your home while keeping expenses to a minimum. The benefits of this type of project are two-fold: your cabinets will look new and you won’t have to worry about a major re-construction project. Additionally, cabinet repainting may improve your home’s value. If you are selling your house, a few changes could be a game changer. Cabinet repainting is also a fun way to change up the style of your cabinets, making them more attractive.

First, you must decide on a paint. It is best to use a durable paint that will last a long time. A quality paint will avoid flaking and show no signs of wear. Also, make sure to choose the right brush or roller. Using a foam roller is faster than a brush, especially if you are working on a large area.

Another thing to do is to remove all the hardware from your cabinet doors. This is particularly important for the cabinets that have drawers and doors. You’ll want to replace the hardware once the cabinets have dried. Make sure to wipe down the cabinets before you start painting them. This will ensure that the new paint won’t transfer onto the wood.

For best results, you should sand your cabinets before you apply the new paint. To do this, start with the hardest surfaces first. Once your sanding is complete, you can move to the easier parts of the job. Don’t forget to label your cabinets, including their components.

For a quick and easy method, you can sand the cabinets using a damp cloth. If you want to make the task easier, cut up a tack cloth into sections. These can be found in the paint section at your local hardware store. They are handy for picking up dust and sanding grit. When the stickyness disappears, you can throw the tack cloth away.

The best way to sand your cabinets is to use a sander. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you get a smooth finish. Use a medium grit sandpaper for your sanding. Leaving a smooth surface will prevent a painter from having to use a brush and will also help the paint to adhere to the surface.

While most of the work is done by a handyman, you can still do a few things yourself. For example, you might try to find a paint sample to match your existing color. One of the most common home improvement trends involves painting the kitchen. You can buy one or several different samples and then place them around your kitchen to see which ones look best.

As for the actual painting, you’ll need to take your time. Start with the most difficult parts of the cabinet and then move on to the smaller sections. After this, you can move on to the smaller details like sanding the doors and handles. In addition, you might consider putting the doors back on the hinges and reattaching the drawers.

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